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Your Marketing Is All Over the Place

Today, marketing teams are often working in disparate spreadsheets and documents. They struggle to keep track of their plans, activities, budgets, and campaigns. When updates and changes are made, these plans are often out-of-date, inaccurately reflecting on where your marketing stands. This lack of visibility often leads to poor decision-making that can hurt the business.

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Full Visibility of Your Strategic Marketing

Plannuh is the first AI marketing tracker that houses your strategic marketing in one place for full visibility and accuracy. This strategic marketing platform allows marketers to collaborate on plans and effectively measure marketing ROI to track and reach their goals.

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50% of Marketing Works, Now You Know Which Half

For better decision making, Plannuh displays performance against your goals. Users can view the status of your marketing spend, and benchmarks of where your plan stands against industry best practices. Plannuh offers unprecedented visibility into metrics like CPO, ROI and LTV at every level of the plan, so all marketing team members can provide input into decision making.

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