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At Plannuh we are committed to building meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners.

Referral Partnership

Benefits of becoming a Referral Partner

If you are a marketing consultant, CMO coach, or work at an agency, join the Plannuh Market Referral program to help your clients visualize and manage in Plannuh the marketing plan, budget, and ROI metrics you create with them.

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Resell Partnership

Benefits of becoming a Reseller

Become a certified Plannuh Market Reseller to fully expand the value you can offer to marketers. With comprehensive training on our platform, full support from our team, and a variety of resources, we'll arm you with all the tools for success.

Technology Partnership

Benefits of becoming a Technology Partner

Join our Plannuh Market Technology partner ecosystem and get access to hundreds of companies looking to integrate with martech, fintech, and CRM systems to get the maximum value out of Plannuh.

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