FREE Operational Marketing Funnel Builder: Calculate your demand gen KPIs & budget

Get Your Operational
Marketing Index

Today, there are numerous metrics used to track the marketing performance of activities and channels but nothing to access the operational effectiveness of the plan and budget. The Operational Marketing Index (OMI) gives you a score for your marketing plan and budget.

How It Works

  1. The Plannuh OMI asks a series of questions to provide a benchmark on your approach to building and managing a plan and allocating and tracking your budget. 
  2. After completion, you will get a score for your marketing plan and budget, as well as an overall OMI score. 
  3. A detailed report of your score and best practices for improvement is downloadable from the results page.

What’s Your Marketing Score?

To get your marketing score, answer the questions below in the “score my marketing plan” and “score my marketing budget” sections. For each question listed, choose an answer regarding your marketing metrics and key performance indicators:

Our marketing plan is based on a set of measurable goals that align with company objectives
We create comprehensive campaigns (thematic, integrated, etc.) to execute our strategies and achieve our goals
We build best and worst case scenarios into our plan to quickly react to external and internal business factors
Our marketing plan is accessible to the team at all times for visibility, collaboration, and execution
Marketing campaign plans are visible for team collaboration and execution progress is reviewed weekly
We have a process in place to adapt our plan in response to strategy changes or market dynamics
We regularly measure return on investment on both campaigns and the overall marketing plan
We can accurately forecast the likelihood of goal achievement throughout the year

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