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Plannuh Announces AI-Driven Marketing Planning and Budgeting Platform Integration to Salesforce

August 17, 2021


BOSTON, Aug. 17, 2021  -- Plannuh today announced an integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to empower marketers to reliably and consistently measure the true business value of their marketing campaigns and their entire marketing plan. Combining Plannuh's unique ability to accurately track marketing spend with Salesforce Marketing Cloud campaign metrics, including transaction data, the platform delivers accurate cost-per-outcome (CPO), return on investment (ROI), and lifetime value (LTV) insights that allow marketers to track and prove the full business value of their programs.

The Plannuh Application

Plannuh's Salesforce Sales Cloud integration allows marketers to track ROI and progress towards their marketing goals. Plannuh maps to Salesforce's campaign metrics, which are automatically updated and aggregated to determine marketing return on investment (MROI).  Plannuh enables marketers to evaluate performance and revenue generation at the highest level. Marketers can drill into the details to assess the most and least performant campaigns for better decision-making and future planning.

Now available, the Plannuh integration offers the following benefits for marketers:

  • True Business Value Calculation - a consistent, financially-oriented approach to calculating CPO, ROI and LTV over time and across campaign types for better decision making.
  • Visibility for Agility - gain early and clear insight into the top-and bottom-performing campaigns in order to swiftly rebalance your plan and budget effectively.
  • Easy Setup - plug-and-play integration between Plannuh and Salesforce.

"Plannuh provides the entire marketing team, especially CMOs and marketing operations professionals, with a collaborative application that is purpose-built for proving and improving the business value of their marketing," said Peter Mahoney, founder and chief executive officer of Plannuh. "We are excited to offer the Plannuh integration for Salesforce CRM customers who are looking to streamline the way marketers create and execute plans, manage budgets and track performance."

The integration is available today as part of the Plannuh Market Partner Program. For more information on Plannuh, visit

About Plannuh

Marketers looking to prove and improve the business value of their marketing use Plannuh, the first cloud-based Marketing Leadership Platform, to quickly and easily create winning plans, maximize budget impact, and measure true performance.  Unlike disconnected, static spreadsheets and disparate tactical marketing systems, only Plannuh offers a unified, collaborative platform that delivers AI-driven process automation for achieving agility, efficiency and industry-leading marketing performance. Visit Plannuh to learn more.

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