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How does your marketing budget compare to your peers? This marketing spend benchmark calculator can be used to compare your plans with companies like yours. The data for these comparisons comes from To create a personalized comparison, complete the following simple steps:

Step 1: Enter your company name

Step 2: Use the slider to select the percentage of your revenue budgeted for marketing.

Step 3: Use the drop down selectors to choose the industry sector, economic sector, revenue range, and % of internet sales for comparison. This information should be considered a high-level comparison across several segments and is not a specific recommendation.

Step 4: Share it with your team!

This benchmark data is meant to be a helpful data point, not a specific recommendation.  For more information on defining the right amount of marketing budget, see a comprehensive article on this topic:
How much should I spend on marketing?


Your Planned Spend


Comparing Your % of Revenue Spent on
Marketing vs. Industry Benchmarks
My Company:
XYZ Company
My Industry Sector Transportation:
Communications and Media
My Primary Economic Sector:
B2C Services
My Sales Revenue Range:
< $25 million
My % Internet Sales:
1 to 10%

Source: Benchmark data from Full report is available here.


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