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Defining the Value of Marketing

Marketers struggle to communicate the business value of their marketing. It’s nearly impossible to manage large discretionary budgets. Marketing plans may reside in unintegrated documents and metrics housed in multiple disconnected systems. What about calculating the return on investment (ROI) for every campaign and marketing plan to justify the spend?

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Marketing ROI Measurement at the Right Level

Plannuh’s platform automatically calculates cost-per-outcome (CPO), ROI, and profit at the channel, campaign, and overall marketing plan levels. With this deeper understanding of performance measurement, marketers can track their effectiveness and overall business value for better decision-making.

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True Business Value in terms of Profit

Marketing plays a strategic role in business. The problem is proving the impact and conveying value in terms other executives understand and trust. Plannuh measures the profit of your marketing by gross margin, contribution margin, or EBITDA. This will provide better alignment with the CEO and CFO resulting in larger future budgets.

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Plan & Budget Optimization

Measuring leads, opportunities, or even sales will not provide you with a true understanding of your marketing performance. Measuring marketing ROI, CPO, profit, and lifetime value (LTV) provides an apples-to-apples comparison of your marketing, for improved plan and budget optimization.

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