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Better Decision Making by Understanding Return on Spend

Plannuh calculates the true ROI right down to the penny to get an accurate read on how your marketing spend is performing for both campaigns and on your full marketing plan. Our marketing dashboard also provides cost per outcome (CPO) based on your budget and metrics targets - all in real-time. Now marketers and CMOs can validate the performance of their marketing.

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One Pane of Glass to See All Your Marketing Spend

With Plannuh's marketing performance dashboard, both CMOs and marketers can track spend by timeline, marketing channel, function, and goals. You can click to drill down on any data for more detail. Plannuh offers both a visual chart-based representation of the data and a table view to see where the numbers stand. All data is exportable so you can use it in presentations or spreadsheets.

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See How Your Marketing Stacks-Up

Today, marketers struggle at getting access to industry data that would provide them input of how their marketing planning measures against their peers. Leveraging the AI engine in Plannuh, Benchmarking provides a report card of how you stack up against industry best practices for improving your marketing processes, or showing your boss you deserve a raise.

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