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Too Many Systems, Too Little Time

Today there are over 7,000 tactical marketing operations software tools available. In addition to the litany of spreadsheets, slide decks, and documents containing valuable information, marketing operations professionals struggle with the herculean management task of pulling it all together. That's where the Plannuh platform comes in.

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Organize and Display Your Strategic Marketing

Plannuh's marketing operations management software consolidates all your strategic marketing planning. Marketing ops can track goals, campaigns, budgets, and ROI, in one place for full visibility, collaboration, and continuity across teams. With one unified view of your marketing plan, our software dramatically improves the efficiency of both your team and budgetary spend.

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Easy Set-Up and Use for Marketing Operations Teams

Plannuh marketing planning software makes life even easier and your team more productive. Our marketing operations management software is an intuitive UI tool that is purpose-built. Marketing Ops can automate tedious spend management activities such as expense entry and reconciliation, resulting in improved marketing budget tracking accuracy. Go live in less than a week, with a payback usually under a month.

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