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All Expenses Automatically Entered and Reconciled

Plannuh automates the manual spreadsheet process of keying in price quotes, invoices, and expenses for tracking marketing spend. Now just email them to Plannuh and they will be automatically uploaded. Sick of going line by line reconciling your marketing expenses at the end of the month? Email Plannuh your actuals spreadsheet and Plannuh will automatically do the reconciliation, like magic.

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Organize Your Marketing Expenses for Easy Tracking

You no longer need to scour spreadsheets to find an expense, Plannuh organizes your expenses for full control over your spend. Expenses can be categorized by goals, campaigns, functions, timeline, and can even be grouped together into buckets. With our marketing expense tracker, marketers can use search and filtering capabilities to ensure you never lose track of an expense again.

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The Devil Is in the Details

Want to track marketing spend by vendor? Plannuh’s got it. Is finance imposing the use of GL codes and PO numbers? No problem. Do you have a recurring expense and you need to split the cost with other marketing functions, in other countries, in other currencies? Check. Heck, if you want to include vendor contracts to have it all in one place, Plannuh manages all of the details for your expenses.

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