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Error Prone Spreadsheets Create Chaos

Marketing budget owners today are tied to working in spreadsheets that are optimized for financial systems, not marketing campaigns and programs. Budgeting issues arise when spreadsheets are further broken out into functional areas, regions, or product lines leading to poor visibility. This typically results in overspending or underspending your budget.

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The Most Comprehensive Platform for Managing Your Budget

Plannuh can handle very unique and complex budget requirements while still making it easy for the user. Whether it is sharing expenses or tracking marketing budget across multiple functions, regions, and currencies, Plannuh consolidates spend for full visibility, accuracy, and collaboration.

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Plannuh Automates Your Expense Entry and Reconciliation

Budget management automation will improve the accuracy of expense tracking while increasing the productivity of the team. Let Plannuh reconcile your expenses for you, quickly and accurately. Plannuh imports your budget for you so there is no re-entering of data so marketing budget owners can go live on the platform in less than a week.

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