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26% of Marketing Budget Is Wasted

As budgets get tighter, marketers need to get the most out of their marketing spend or they risk missing their goals. Unfortunately, managing budgets in several unintegrated spreadsheets causes a lack of visibility as to what money is available - resulting in inefficient spend.

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Budget Transparency, Collaboration, and Automation

The Plannuh platform consolidates all your marketing spend in one place for full visibility, collaboration, and accuracy. To make your marketing budget management even more efficient, Plannuh automates expense entry and reconciliation saving you hours of time each week - it’s as easy as sending an email.

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Marketing Plan Visibility for Optimized Spend

In Plannuh, marketers can see their goals, campaigns, budgets, and ROI all in one place for full visibility and management. Marketers can proactively see upcoming campaigns and activities which help them prepare, negotiate with vendors, and avoid rush fees to optimize their time and planned marketing spend.

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