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CMOs Lack Visibility of Their Marketing

Today with digital transformation underway and virtually no CMO-specific software, CMOs struggle with having disconnected slide decks containing marketing plans, numerous spreadsheets containing budgets, and several disparate systems housing performance metrics. Limited visibility leads to inconsistent plan execution, budgetary waste, and poor decision making.

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All Strategic Marketing at Your Fingertips

Plannuh has developed a CMO software that consolidates all your marketing strategy including plans, goals, campaigns, budgets, and ROI in one place for better decision making, collaboration, and continuity across teams. With one unified view of your marketing, watch the efficiency of your team soar.

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Practice Goals-Based Marketing

Plannuh empowers CMOs to assign goals to every marketing campaign, activity, dollar, euro, and yen spent. The system displays team performance metrics against your stated goals and benchmarks your marketing against industry best practices for external measurement.

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