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Lack of Transparency for Clients

Many agencies do a great job of building successful campaigns for their clients, but visibility into the full spectrum of activities and marketing spend can be challenging. The culprit? Unintegrated, error prone slide decks, documents, and spreadsheets used as the vehicles of communication.

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Full Visibility Into Marketing Plans and Budgets

Plannuh helps agencies manage their client’s strategic marketing while giving them an easy to use interface for full transparency and collaboration on their plan and budget. Plannuh can also handle your clients unique marketing budget requirements whether it is sharing expenses or tracking budget across multiple functions, regions, and currencies.

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Up and Running in a Week for Measurable ROI

Plannuh imports all your client’s plans and budgets for quick time to benefit - go live on the platform in less than a week. The payback period for Plannuh is less than 3 months, we guarantee it.

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