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Spreadsheets Were Not Made for Marketers

Today, at many companies, marketers have the largest discretionary spend. The issue is that they need to accurately account for that spend since it can be just as damaging to go under budget as it is to go over budget. Making tracking more difficult, marketers manually manage budgets through error-prone spreadsheets that are optimized for accountants, not marketers.

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Eliminate Human Error

Plannuh makes invoice and expense entry as easy as sending an email, while removing the risk of miskeying numbers into spreadsheets caused by human error. Unlike spreadsheets, it is impossible to break formulas in Plannuh, virtually eliminating the risk of your marketing expenses not totaling correctly.

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Automation for Precision

Plannuh is the first AI-driven budget management platform that dramatically improves accuracy into your spend, unlocking and displaying unaccounted for budget that can be used for additional marketing. Only Plannuh automates expense reconciliation and invoice import for precision and efficiency.

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