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The Next CMO Podcast

The Next CMO podcast features discussions with leading experts in marketing, marketing technology, and strategic execution.

The Next CMO

The Next CMO Podcast discusses topics and ideas in marketing for up-and-coming and forward-thinking marketers who strive to be a chief marketing officer of the future. Topics discussed on the podcast include marketing strategy, planning, demand generation, case studies, analytics, digital marketing techniques, and innovative marketing strategies. 


About the Hosts

The Next CMO Podcast is sponsored by Plannuh, the leading provider of AI-based marketing resource management software. The podcast is hosted by Peter Mahoney, the CEO of Plannuh, and Kelsey Krapf, a senior digital marketing manager at Plannuh.

Peter Mahoney | CEO, Plannuh

Peter Mahoney
CEO, Plannuh

Peter is the founder and CEO of Plannuh, a venture-backed software company providing the first AI-driven platform to automate marketing leadership. Before founding Plannuh, Peter spent more than 30 years as a marketing and product executive with experience as a CMO for startups through multi-billion dollar public companies, including voice and AI leader, Nuance Communications. Peter is also an active board member, angel investor, advisor, a sought-after public speaker, and the host of The Next CMO podcast. Peter has a large following on Twitter via his @nerdCMO account. Peter graduated from Boston College with a double major in Physics and Computer Science and still lives a stone’s throw away from campus with his wife and three adultish children.

Kelsey headshot-3

Kelsey Krapf
Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Plannuh

Kelsey is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Plannuh. Kelsey is extremely passionate about marketing after working at HubSpot for a few years. She has also been able to leverage her background in sales to have a great understanding of the partnership between the two. Kelsey loves the constant change that marketing brings while maximizing her analytical and creative nature. In her spare time you can catch her exploring the world (27 countries and counting), boating in Cape Cod, and skiing the slopes of all major mountains in the Northeast. You can follow her on LinkedIn.

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The Next CMO is sponsored by Plannuh, the leading provider of AI-based marketing planning and budgeting systems.

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