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Press Release: Seasoned Marketing Experts Release Insightful New Book ‘The Next CMO’ to Support a New Generation of Marketing Leaders

September 29, 2020

Authors and industry leaders Peter Mahoney, Scott Todaro and Dan Faulkner share their combined 70 years marketing experience to provide the practical framework needed to deliver operational excellence in the marketing profession

Boston -  As a volatile 2020 draws to a close, and the 2021 marketing planning and budgeting season approaches, chief marketing officers (CMOs) and marketing leaders need to have a strategy and clear plans in place to achieve their goals. “The Next CMO – A Guide to Operational Marketing Excellence” by Peter Mahoney, Scott Todaro and Dan Faulkner provides the essential strategies required to attain these goals through the authors’ decades of experience in the marketing industry.

“The Next CMO” presents an innovative approach to optimize marketing performance by combining traditional strategic fundamentals with modern digital efficiency and new measurement techniques. The book will also help improve the marketing profession by providing best-practices guidance for marketers to utilize when building their plan, setting goals, crafting strategies, creating comprehensive campaigns, managing budgets, and measuring the true return on investment (ROI) of their marketing.

“Having walked a mile in their shoes, this book delivers a wakeup call to marketers based on hard lessons learned, but also provides clear, actionable guidance to deliver best-in-class marketing,” Mahoney said. “‘The Next CMO’ will guide the current and next generation of marketing leaders to think strategically and create marketing plans that are built from the start to deliver measurable results that exceed expectations.”

With many CMOs facing increasing pressure to prove the value of the marketing function, they must establish contemporary practices that achieve operational excellence and validate the importance of marketing to the business. “The Next CMO” was written to help CMOs and emerging marketing leaders reach a new level of operational excellence, by explaining core strategic marketing principles and how best to apply them to their organization.

For a complimentary copy of the book, visit here.

“The Next CMO – A Guide to Operational Marketing Excellence”

By Peter Mahoney, Scott Todaro and Dan Faulkner

ISBN: 978-1-4808-9411-2 (sc); 978-1-4808-9412-9 (hc); 978-1-4808-9413-6 (e)

Available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Archway Publishing

About the Authors

Peter Mahoney is the founder and CEO of Plannuh, a venture-backed software company providing the first AI-driven platform to automate marketing leadership. Before founding Plannuh, Mahoney spent more than 30 years as a marketing and product executive with experience as a CMO for startups through multi-billion-dollar public companies, including AI leader Nuance Communications. He is also an active board member, angel investor, advisor, sought-after public speaker and the host of The Next CMO Podcast.

Scott Todaro has devoted his 28-year professional career to perfecting the marketing craft. As CMO and co-founder of Plannuh, Todaro is committed to improving the marketing profession by creating a software platform to help marketers optimize their strategies, plans and budgets. He has held marketing leadership positions with seven companies, four resulting in successful exits, and has managed hundreds of marketing professionals. Additionally, Todaro was an adjunct professor for four years at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell teaching marketing strategy to MBA students.

Dan Faulkner is the CTO of Plannuh, where he is responsible for the technical strategy and delivery of the world’s first AI-powered marketing management platform. He has 25 years of high-tech experience, spanning research and development, product management, strategy and general management. Faulkner also has deep international experience, having led businesses in Europe, Asia, North American and South America, delivering complex AI solutions at scale to numerous industries.

About Plannuh

Marketers looking to align teams, optimize budgetary spend and exceed organizational goals, use Plannuh, the first cloud-based  Marketing Leadership Platform, to quickly and easily create winning plans, maximize budget impact, and improve ROI.  Unlike disconnected, static spreadsheets and disparate tactical marketing systems, only Plannuh offers a unified, collaborative platform that delivers AI-driven recommendations, benchmarks, and process automation for achieving industry-leading marketing performance.  Visit Plannuh to learn more.

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