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Plannuh Launches Free Operational Marketing Funnel Builder

August 31, 2022

The interactive application provides automated marketing funnel creation capabilities, budget recommendations, and the ability to export the results into a presentation format 

August 31, 2022 -  Boston -  Plannuh Inc., makers of the first marketing leadership application for proving and improving the business value of marketing, today announced a free online marketing funnel builder. Using best practices, the Operational Marketing Funnel Builder helps marketers interactively build custom conversion funnels based on their business, models the targets they need to achieve at every stage of the funnel, and estimates the value of each marketing outcome from leads through lifetime customers. To further support marketers with annual planning, the Operational Marketing Funnel Builder recommends the amount of marketing budget required to achieve metric goals. 

Chief marketing officers, marketing operations leaders, and demand generation professionals struggle every year to create the right funnel metrics and determine the proper amount of marketing budget to apply to achieve their objectives. Without a well-constructed funnel, marketers dramatically reduce their chance of reaching their demand generation goals. For this reason, Plannuh has created the Operational Marketing Funnel Builder to provide metric targets and budget numbers to marketers as they prepare for annual planning. 

The Operational Marketing Funnel Builder guides marketers with a framework to build their funnel step-by-step and calculate the necessary budget. With one click, they can export their completed funnel and budget recommendation into an editable slide presentation format. Marketers can build as many funnels as they need for different products and services or scenario planning, and easily share and present them to their teams, executives, and the board for validation.

Once your marketing funnel and budget are completed in the funnel builder, marketers can export the data into Plannuh’s Operational Marketing Platform to collaboratively execute, measure, and improve the business value of their marketing in real-time. Plannuh’s benefits include:


Identify the true business value of your marketing - a consistent, financially sound approach to calculating the business value of a company's campaign investments and overall marketing for better real-time decision making.

ROI forecasting and performance optimization - gain early and clear insight into the top- and bottom-performing campaigns in order to swiftly rebalance your marketing plan and budget.

Consolidated marketing planning and automated budget and expense management - create visibility and teamwork efficiencies when building, executing, measuring, and improving your marketing plan and budget.

Quick time to benefit - easy set-up (live in a week), plug-and-play integrations, AI-driven budget automation for efficiency, and a UI built for marketing team collaboration.


“The ability to build an accurate marketing funnel and lead generation budget is critical to most marketing departments,” said Peter Mahoney, founder and chief executive officer of Plannuh. “With the launch of the Operational Marketing Funnel Builder, marketers will have a tool to help them achieve operational marketing excellence in 2023 and beyond.”

Plannuh is used by marketing teams of all sizes in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  Plannuh customers span both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies across 25 industries.

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About Plannuh

Marketers looking to prove and improve the business value of their marketing use Plannuh, the first cloud-based Marketing Leadership Platform, to quickly and easily create winning plans, maximize budget impact and measure true performance. Unlike disconnected, static spreadsheets and disparate tactical marketing systems, only Plannuh offers a unified, collaborative platform that delivers AI-driven process automation for achieving agility, efficiency, and industry-leading marketing performance. Visit Plannuh to learn more.


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