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Plannuh Joins the HubSpot App Marketplace

August 17, 2021

BOSTON, Aug. 17, 2021  -- Today, Plannuh, the first cloud-based marketing leadership platform, announced that its leading marketing planning application is now listed in the HubSpot App Marketplace. App Partners are independent software vendors which have built an integration with HubSpot and been accepted to the App Marketplace.

With this integration, Plannuh now supports importing performance metrics from HubSpot directly into a customer's marketing plan to see the latest results from campaigns.  Marketers can now collect metrics from landing pages and email campaigns created in HubSpot, as well as external campaigns such as LinkedIn or Facebook. This will help marketers calculate the true business value of their marketing, identifying what is actually performing, for better decision-making.

HubSpot's App Partner Program is an ecosystem of valuable third-party integrations. App Partners comply with a set of requirements.

"Plannuh has numerous customers that use HubSpot for executing digital campaigns, so we are excited about the integration knowing it will help our customers more accurately prove and improve the value of their marketing," said Peter Mahoney, CEO, Plannuh.

To learn more about the integration, click here to link to the App Marketplace.

About Plannuh:

Marketers looking to prove and improve the business value of their marketing, use Plannuh, the first cloud-based Marketing Leadership Platform, to quickly and easily create winning plans, maximize budget impact, and measure true performance.  Unlike disconnected, static spreadsheets and disparate tactical marketing systems, only Plannuh offers a unified, collaborative platform that delivers AI-driven process automation for achieving agility, efficiency, and industry-leading marketing performance.  Visit Plannuh to learn more.

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