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Focus Your Marketing to Achieve Goals

Plannuh can apply goals to all your marketing so you can track your progress toward achieving key metrics. Whether the goals are qualitative (rolling out a new brand) or quantitative (revenue) you can assign them to campaigns, activities, and budget for measuring true ROI. You can even create custom goals to fit your unique strategy.

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Build and Manage Campaigns Your Way

Plannuh offers full flexibility to build campaigns the way you like to structure them. Campaigns in Plannuh can be as complex as integrated, cross-functional, global, multi-vehicle campaigns or as simple as sending out an email. You can easily house and manage the strategic elements of your campaign including goals, target audience, messaging, content, budget, expenses, and metrics.

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Best Practice Project and Content Management

For keeping the team on track, Plannuh offers project management capabilities that include both a timeline view of all your campaigns and a task list of activities featuring date, owner, and status. Plannuh also offers a best practice campaign content management system by storing all your documents, images, and videos in one place for easy cataloging and access.

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Track Your Budget for Every Planned Activity

Tightly coupled with your planned goals, campaigns and activities is Plannuh’s best-in-class budgeting capabilities that provide visibility into your spend performance and the true ROI of your marketing. For simplicity and accuracy, all expenses roll-up for a consolidated view of your spend on campaigns or for achieving your goals.

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